Rod Phillips
February 18, 1951 - March 15, 2007

Photo courtesy: Dave Wilson
Rod Phillips was a heart and soul kinda musician. His joy came from playing the music, not playing the "industry" game, consequently, he was not a household name. Nevertheless, musicians knew about Rod, and it was always a gas to share the stage with him.

I came to know Rod by sitting in on the Sunday matinees at the Blue Goose. He and the Pie Guys would kick things off with a few standards and I was always mesmerized by Rod's groove and passionate singing. Along with our love of groovish music, we shared an interest in herbal medicines, and would often spend time between sets discussing the merits of herb in the parking lot.

Our friendship led to Rod playing on my "Painkiller" disc, and in the studio Rod was so helpful in laying down so many grooves, establishing such a wonderful mood, and displaying not only his great Hammond sounds, but surprising the hell out of me with his performance on the piano, which I had not heard him play before. He was right at home with Howlin' Wolf.

Rod was a most humble and gifted musician. We shared a lot of grooves and a lot of laughs. I'm missing him.